sop is always:

  • handmade in small batches

  • palm oil free

  • cruelty free

  • plant based

  • coloured using only natural earth-found plant dyes and clays 

  • free from SLS (foaming agents), unnecessary and harsh chemicals, artificial colours and fragrance oils

  • scented using only essential oils

+ minimal waste packaging with compostable paper and string 
every order is sent in pre-used packaging materials 
   -- it pays to be resourceful! 
sops are children of the earth
made up of powerful, earth friendly ingredients, 
plants and organic matter shine through
these solid "bar soaps" since hands mould and
create, each sop is one-of-a-kind, 
only the utmost care and attention is given to each and
every one, with quality ingredients and considered combinations
sop doesn't believe in damaging the eco-system
with unnecessary artificial colours and scents
and so all the colours and smells of each and every sop comes exclusively from plants and the land of our planet earth