why the name sop?

sop stands for save our planet, and signifies a new era of soap with eco-values. 

what's the difference between sop and commercial soap?

sop is made with entirely natural ingredients, including essential oils, clays, botanicals and fruit purées, within different high quality base oil blends. 

soap found in supermarkets is a far cry from the ancient method of soap making. commercial soaps are mostly made up of baffling, unpronounceable chemicals, and produce a lather due to sodium laureate sulphate (SLS) and derivatives that are foaming agents. 

which ingredients make up sop?

sops are all formed of oils such as: extra virgin olive, cold pressed hemp, organic extra virgin coconut, macadamia nut, avocado, castor, babassu, rice bran, jojoba and organic shea and cocoa butters. sop doesn't use palm oil.

vegan friendly?

all sops are suitable for vegans - sop uses coconut milk in place of dairy milks.

do they lather?

yes! if they don't at first, stick with it, keep lathering and you'll be amazed at the power of natural foam. 

friction of any kind is good to build up lather, whether that be with a natural sponge, loofa, a soap pouch or your own hairs. 

which sop is right for my skin?

generally, preferences are made based on the scent and really trying the sop on skin. sops are not made with treating ailments in mind, but particular ingredients are known for doing certain things - keep an eye out for written ingredient illuminations coming from sop! (blogs)

since all sops are superfatted, they are all nourishing and non-drying.

what is superfat?

in soap making it is simply extra fat (oils) unsaponified (not reacted with the lye), which results in free floating goodness in a soap bar.

all sops are superfatted by at least 8%, mostly 10% and salt bars have 20% superfat. 

what's next for sop?

a key concern for sop is increasing reusable and sustainable habits. 

the handmade was our past, and should be our future. handmade objects naturally hold more value, and it is this value that will ensure the longevity of the object, and help us as a society get away from disposable habits.

in other words, look out for functional reusable soppy objects launching soon!