plastic free july!

This July why not take steps to go plastic free? this is a topic close to sop's heart: the attitude towards the disposable, ergo valueless, throwaway outer shell that encases a huge proportion of our food and drink - not to mention the rest!

Consciousness is at last taking hold and overriding the longstanding ease associated with packaging. In recent years buying things has not been a thoughtless exercise for me.

With every purchase I wonder of its necessity - can I live without it? Does my need outweigh the damage it causes on our planet? Yes. A trip to the supermarket brings about really weighty questions. Sometimes my desire has overtaken my logic, and this is something that i'm going to work against this July -- my birthday month - it's ok... i've gone off balloons anyway! (no balloons aren't plastic but they are a temporary, disposable item that just ends up on landfill!)

It's important not to get tangled in the plastic web, and recognise the damaging aspects of the things we take for granted - balloons are a great example - they brighten the place up somewhat, but then they deflate and go in the bin. They are what we've come to associate with celebrations, and everything else that comes with a typical party scene. I think now more than ever is a time to get creative, be resourceful and just use what you got! Houses are filled with crafty bits and bobs, and if they're not typically crafty then that doesn't mean they can't be used that way! sculptures. assemblages even using everyday household items that are going spare can become features!

Flowers - flowers are the planet having a party. all. the. time. Bring them indoors - i can assure you they will brighten any room up 100000x better than any balloons can!

Safe to say this went off on a little tangent, stay tuned for some practical tips to accompany and assist your #plasticfreejuly !

Until then, and in the meantime why not check out this official page and get inspired by some wonderful folk across the globe


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