The Real Lather - commercial soap vs handmade sop

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Foam and bubbles are to be found (and expected to be!) in nearly all "bath and body" products of our time, and have recently been highlighted as something which is more often than not artificially inserted into these products using a compound known as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS and other similar variations like the ones listed in the picture below).

Upon contact with water, SLS turns any liquid into foam - it is otherwise known as a foaming agent.

A reason for why SLS still appears in the bottles that populate our bathrooms is possibly to continue the façade that probably stemmed from our childhoods - a frolic in a nice bubble bath - a thick lather from shampoo rubbed into our scalps that could hold up our hair in all sorts of fantastic hairstyles. In short, we have been duped (through nostalgic fun and bath time necessity) into thinking that the frothy lather cleans us; super cleansing, low lather formulas are shunned because we can't believe that our skin can get along so nicely with a smooth, sheeny soapy rub with fewer bubbles in sight. And that is one of the reasons large companies rely so heavily on SLS - to shroud the pitiful, skin repellent ingredients inside those bottles, and to keep you coming back for more (bubbles).

That is not to say lather isn't great. sop loves lather! But one of an organic nature is obviously much more desirable and so achievable as all sops have proven! As you can imagine, different formulas and combinations of oils result in different lathers - handmade recipes are tried, tested and adjusted in accordance with how your skin feels as a result, as well as the bubbles it produces!

From our bodies to our habitats -

The way we mindlessly consume and have increasingly employed plastic since the mid 20th century is catching up to us, and we are finding more and more devastation to our planet as a result of this super hard wearing material that houses our liquid "necessities". As a society we are becoming conscious! And one of the necessities to raise this awareness is shampoo - and its transmutation from the bottle to the solid, handleable block. A physical bar that you can control - create as much friction and as much lather as you would like - where you can really feel the magical formulation between your palms that leaves your hair feeling clean and smooth and most importantly itself - just a refreshed version!

sop's pastry shampoo bar does all this and best of all you get to feel this:

lather foam natural handmade shampoo bar
the beautiful organic lather created by pastry shampoo

- if you haven't felt a lather like it you really must. Nothing compares.



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